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Dying from Dirthy Teeth by Angie Stone

Introducing Angie’s New Book!

Dying from Dirty Teeth

Angie’s passion for elders began 13 years ago when her mother in law was placed in a nursing home.   Since then she has been working with nursing home facilities and oral care specialists to improve the oral health of this population.  Dying From Dirty Teeth is a compilation of all the things she has learned while traveling this path.

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“People are absolutely dying too soon from dirty teeth and Angie Stone’s book uncovers this ticking time bomb.  Hear her warning and heed her call because this information will impact your aged loved ones right now and all of us sooner or later!”
~Dr. Chris Kammer, Founding Father of the Amercian Academy for Oral Systemic Health


“Hundreds of thousands of our loved ones are living with, and sometimes dying from, painful and expensive conditions that could be ameliorated or avoided by adopting the sound win-win solutions proposed in this book by Angie Stone. Dying From Dirty Teeth is concise, accessible, and on the mark.”

John J. Dubats, DDS

“Angie conveys a compelling explanation of why poor oral hygiene is a long-term care facility’s most expensive and life impacting problem. It is silent and usually unrecognized. Angie offers solutions. If this easy to read message got to every nursing home resident’s family member and every decision-maker in Medicare and Medicaid, all nursing homes in the country would have a dental hygienist on staff. End-of-life care is financially crippling our country. The impact of the simple action steps she suggests could dramatically reduce the costs of hospitalizations related to diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia, and others.”

Charles C. Whitney, MDPresident and Founder of 3rd Era Dentistry3rd Era Dentistry

“A large segment of our continually growing elderly population is underserved, if not neglected, in an essential aspect of their health, their oral care. Angie, because of personal experience and devotion to the cause, confronts the problem head on. Well written book.”

Joel J. Waldman, DMD, CLTC

“Dying From Dirty Teeth is a timely book that shines bright lights on shamefully neglected concerns. Angie Stone weaves personal narratives together with acknowledged facts and science. This potent combination is guaranteed to pack an emotional wallop. Most of us will recognize a personal connection. The title suggests and this book delivers. Dying From Dirty Teeth is far more than a roster of intractable problems. It is sometimes shocking, sometimes sad, but ultimately optimistic with a stirring call to action.”

John Peldyak, DMDAuthor of Sweet Smart and Dental Health

“People are absolutely dying too soon from dirty teeth and Angie Stone’s book uncovers this ticking time bomb. Hear her warning and heed her call because this information will impact your aged loved ones right now and all of us sooner or later.”

Chris Kammer, DDSFounding Father of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health

“Angie is passionate and to the point while explaining the strains and demands of the certified nursing assistant, and the abilities and restrictions of the dental hygienist. A tremendous amount of health care money could be saved, and time with our loved ones increased, with the collaboration of these two professions. It’s time for people to stop looking the other way. It’s time to stop trying to fix and repair oral and systemic issues that can be prevented. This book clearly explains how logical it is to embrace routine oral care services by dental hygienists as preventive health care.”

Jennifer Rinker, CNA, RDH, BS

“Thank you, Angie Stone, for putting a spotlight on this abandoned population. We need to correct the void before anyone else becomes a victim of this absence of care.”

Carol Roszel, RDH, BSDH

“Angie has written a wonderful book that can truly help open our eyes to how oral care can, and should, be delivered to our elderly loved ones when they are no longer able to do it for themselves. As a CNA myself I would love it if someone came in to help me deliver the oral care, allowing me to concentrate on other aspects of ADLs.”

Andrea Maves, CAN

“In Dying from Dirty Teeth Angie Stone has written about a subject that is an urgent wakeup call for us all. Angie helps us see in a clear and unambiguous manner how something so simple can have such a dramatic and deadly effect on our loved ones. She helps us see the problem and what to do about it. This book is a must read for
anyone with elderly parents or have loved ones in our care.”

Todd CohenProfessional Speaker and Author of Everyone’s in Sales

“An audacious champion for our precious elders, Angie Stone reveals the formidable monster in the room. Her compelling message brings with it an empowering solution for families, caregivers and others seeking a difference.”

Annette Wise, RDH

“Angie Stone has taken her passion and is making it into an oral care movement to help our elders, particularly when they can’t help themselves. I look forward to seeing this book on the best seller list and Angie on The Ellen Show, The Doctors and more. She will change the world with this book and her work.”

Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS

“Having been in nursing homes for various family members, I am excited to see this addressed by a professional who cares. Thank you and bless you Angie.”

Patty Dubats, Dental Office Manager

Dare to Be a Difference Maker

Dare to be a Difference Maker by Angie Stone

Dare to be a Difference Maker
Angie Stone, Contributing Author

Dare To Be A Difference Maker is a unique collection of stories, not only from inspired leaders, but also from those who are making a difference and impacting others in their everyday personal and professional lives. These stories are about real people who are making a real difference even on a small scale.  Angie’s chapter tells how she became passionate about the elder population and her journey in making a difference in their lives.

Best-selling author & professional speaker, Michelle Prince has created a community of difference makers in what she calls the “Difference Maker Movement.” This community is dedicated to providing products and services that enable others to find their inspiration, wisdom & the courage they need in order to get through life’s tough challenges and to make a difference for others in the process. Angie Stone is thrilled to be part of this latest edition. She dares YOU to be a difference maker!

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